Why Saké?

What crosses your mind first when you think about ‘Saké’ (Sa-keh, not sa-ki)?

Many people answer this with: Japanese rice wine, rice liquor, Asian spirits, or cup of drinks you can try at sushi restaurant. Yes, it is made with rice but it is not wine. It is not liquor nor spirits but more similar to beer if we just look at the process of saké making. It is a national drinks in Japan, but not only to enjoy with sushi or Asian cuisine. Indeed, it is a truly unique beverage has a mesmerizing history and legacy from its own culture. Saké has its own category which does not belong to any alcoholic beverages which makes this unique and special.

My first journey with saké was not voluntary to explore this wonderful drinks. After years of studying and completing a certification to achieve ‘Certified Saké Professional’, I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with more people to break a stereotype about saké. I wanted to break the box from prejudiced opinion about saké. I am pleased to start this blog to share world of saké covering different aspects – history, tasting, food pairing, language, culture, and more. Don’t be shy to comment and share your thoughts. I would love to interact with you about my aspiration. Just no hatred mind please.

Kanpai and Gun-bae! 


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